It's Time To Get Insane Levels Of Guitar Speed
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You already know that playing guitar with tons of speed feels amazing. However, too many guitar players never achieve their full potential while practicing for speed because they fall into the same bad habits of:

  • Burning up and down scales or arpeggios for hours on end every day in order to push through boring practice to eventually have fun with guitar.
  • Gradually increasing your metronome speed over time hoping to one day play fast like you want.
  • Cramming as many fast notes as you can into your guitar solos and hoping something sounds good.

Getting insane guitar speed that sounds awesome, makes you feel like a badass and causes people pay attention to every note you play doesn’t involve these things at all!

Playing Guitar Fast

The process of developing fast guitar speed should be fun and engaging – while at the same time – challenging you to constantly push your skills to the limit. was specifically created with this in mind to help you learn how to:

  • Play guitar at faster speeds than ever before using exercises that help you reach your specific musical goals.
  • Make sudden bursts of progress in your guitar playing using innovative practice concepts that get you to play fast in ways you never knew you could.
  • Use your current level of speed to play lead guitar solos intelligently, creatively and expressively by learning how to combine different skills together at once.

Nothing makes blues guitar licks sound impressive and intense like injecting a little speed into them. Most guitarists don’t know when to add speed into their blues licks to make them sound amazing. Check out the licks in this article and start playing fast blues licks with tons of aggression and creativity.

Problem: Most guitar players don’t know how to practice effectively to gain lightning-fast speed. Good news is, it’s not as complicated as you think when you know correct speed-building principles and use exercises built from them. Read this article and finally start shredding with the guitar speed you always wanted.

The best guitar licks don’t just sound cool – they help you master the skills needed to play creatively with your own sound. This means you can actually use your speed to play with your own style! Read this article to learn how to add these licks to your arsenal and become an insanely creative lead guitar player.

No matter if you are just beginning to increase your guitar speed, already play moderately fast or are looking to expand your advanced skillset – You’re in the right place.